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Golden Bat Museum, Formosan Golden Bat's Home, is located in Sucin Rd., Shuilin Township, Yunlin County. In the past, Sucin Village was called Jian- Jian-Liao. Sometimes, it can be a submerged land or an emerged land. The land was covered with Silver-Grass, Wild Sugracane and some plants like Poaceae. Ancestor built high heel bamboo houses here, so it is named “Sucin -Liao” nowadays. At Sucin community, there are many paintings on the walls, which were created by the Taiwan Sustainable Union and the locals. They also constructed a Golden Bat Bridge.

Although Golden Bat Museum is small, we are the most substantial in the Asia area. We are also the first seventeenth place, which passed the National Environmental Education place certification in Taiwan. Furthermore, we are the most famous cultural center in Yunlin. Golden Bat Habitat Conservation Zone can be divided into seven parts, including Exhibition Area, Bats' Contribution Area, Bats' Evolution and Diversity, Bat's Public Health, Bats’ Feeding Habits and Habitation, Reading Bats, Investigating Bats, and so on.

We have AV Center, Conference, DIY Class, Praying Pavilion, Butterfly Garden, Bats House, Bats' Walls, and so on. It's a good place for visitors to take photos. Next to the museum, there is an ecological pool, a tree plat, cooking area and sporting place for you to use. At opening time, we welcome group reservation (10 for each one). We afford professional guideline. You can appreciate bats and have DIY activities. It is also accepted that one person come and observe.

Our website and Facebook Fans Club are founded and managed by Taiwan Sustainable Union. When you come here, just check in FB and a like in FB, you will get a special gift.