Survival and Reproduction

The Formosan golden bat, Myotis formosus flavus, is a kind of low reproduction mammals which have long lives. In nature, it takes long time for them to have the next generation. According to the observation in field, the places they generate and take care of their babies in summer are very close to the human places. As a result, they would be annoyed easily by human. Cutting trees, trimming trees improperly, high frequency noises, light pollution, attacking on purpose, or developing have some impacts on their survival and reproduction.

By marking the Formosan golden bats, we can learn that they live for a long time.

Beigang Bridge which is under construction has an impact on the golden bats to look for foods.

Using pesticide also hurt the golden bats which eat bugs. The toxic materials not only pollute the ponds and the rivers they drink, but make them die by eating the toxic bugs. It hurts the Formosan golden bats which are migrating and pregnant the most because during that time they have to consume a lot of bat. At the same time, the toxic material would come out. It results in the bats'death.

不當的人造設施會傷害蝙蝠, 圖為水林誠正國小誤吞迴紋針致死的金黃鼠耳蝠
Improper equipment would hurt bats. This photo is a dead the golden bats which accidentally eat the paper clip.

A dead the Formosan golden bats which is hit by BB bombs on purpose in Beigang Junior High School.

Development in the place and unnecessary explosion in the caves make the bats which are hibernating wake up from time to time. What's worse, the bugs they can eat in winter are not enough for the insectivorous bats to get enough energy to survive. Therefore, the more interference in winter, the more energy the bats have to consume. It would make them can't go through the winter and result in large number of death.

A Formosan golden bats is killed on road in Shuilin.

The nursing colony of the Formosan golden bats in Hsu's house in Shuilin used to be the place that had the most the Formosan golden bats in record. In 1994, Yang had recorded there were 250 the Formosan golden bats. However, there have been only 30 in recent 3 year. It drops by 88 percent. In 2002, there were 158 the Formosan golden bats in Beigang Sugar Refinery. Nevertheless, there have been only one or two in recent three years. It drops nearly 100 percent. Ten of small nursing colonies in the towns around Beigang also have dropped. Therefore, the Formosan golden bats' future is in danger.

The development in front of the caves which the Formosan golden bats hibernate is unfavorable for the Formosan golden bats conservation.

The Formosan golden bats are one of the most beautiful creatures in the rural area and forests in Taiwan. Protecting the views of rural area is a way we can do for the golden bats. Thus, we hope we can make the public take it serious to protect the Formosan golden bats. We are looking forward to your participation.  

The number of the golden bats is decreasing everywhere. In Taiwan, we can’t find a place where hundreds of the Formosan golden bats gather.


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