Origin and Goals

In the summer time of 1995, The founder Chang Heng-Chia came to Suqin Village. He found the Formosan Golden Bat (Hodgson’s Myotis) in the trees around this village. They look like small pigs hid behind the leaves. The beginning of the research of the Formosan Golden Bat was starting from this discovery. He found that the population of the Formosan Golden Bat was decreasing. Since 2007, he had held the bats conservation activities by Taiwan Sustainable Union. At the same time, he trained villagers to involve in bats conservation activities by community empowerment, and tried to combined resources from all trades and professions for propagating the conservation in 2008. Finally, Formosan Golden Bat’s Home was rebuilt from the Suqin clinic successfully on Dec. 25th, 2009.

1995 年首度在蘇秦社區發現的金黃鼠耳蝠

Formosan Golden Bat's Home is the first museum for protecting bats in Taiwan. Now, more than ten thousand visitors come here every year. It is one of the famous ecology sights in Taiwan, and also one of the famous natural recreation region of bats conservation in Asia. We expect the bats conservation to keep going by education, research, legislation, and habitat protection in the future.

Formosan Golden Bat's Home is small but complete. It is the most complete bat's ecology museum in Asia. It is the 17th place to award the National Environmental Education Facilities Location Certification. The exhibitions in this home are “Contributions of bats”, “Evolution and Diversity of bats”, “Public Health with bats”, “Diet and Roost of bats”, “Library”, and “Study Bat”. We also serve media center, meeting room, and DIY room. Outside of the building, we have the Pavilion of Happiness, bulletin board, photographic model plate, and bat decoration wall. Those are popular places for taking pictures. There are also ecological pool, tree house, and kiln for visit.

Preparation Before the Opening

In 2009, Taiwan Sustainable Union has a service spot in Sucin Rd., Shuilin Township in January.  The group began to cooperate with a school.  Then, they chose the suitable place, plan and design the bats museum.  Before the opening of the museum, Taiwan Sustainable Union members design all the museum.  On the other hand, Yulin government rebuilt the Formosan Golden Bat's Home.

The activities at the opening day

The Golden Bat museum was opened on November twenty- fifth in 2009.  At that time, the chairman of Taiwan Sustainable Union, the chairman in Bat Association of Taiwan, the chairman of Yulin
Community Development Association, the mayor of Shilin Township, the mayor of Huwei Township, the director of Shilin Township Sanitation Center, Council of Agriculture of Taiwan the Forestry Bureau's Senior Technical Specialist, and the director of Yulin Educational Center totally sixty people came and celebrated.

The renovation after the opening time

From 2009 to 2012, we relied on the manpower and fund from Taiwan Sustainable Union.  Until 2013, the museum was managed by Yulin government in January.  Yulin government finally had the stable fund source.  Nowadays, Yulin government signed the contract with Taiwan Sustainable Union and managed together.

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